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Benjamin Korray, Founder & Lead Attorney

Korray Law is a boutique law firm dedicated to serving the legal needs of businesses, entrepreneurs, and creative individuals.


We are licensed to practice law in New York, Florida, and Federally (for United States & International trademark and copyright matters).


Our clients include businesses and individuals in various sectors including retail, entertainment, manufacturing, clothing, healthcare, food and restaurant, jewelry, and media, film and music. Read more about some of our clients, below. 


We stand out from other law firms by providing our clients with consistent and honest one-on-one attention, maintaining a transparent approach to billing, and bridging the communication divide between the creative and corporate worlds. 



We pride ourselves on listening to our clients, considering their needs, and providing legal services that are customized and personal.




With Korray Law you will not receive a surprise bill with a fee for photocopies. We are upfront and clear with our billing practices and offer most services at a flat fee rate so you know what to expect from the beginning.

Creative vs. Corporate Worlds

Our lawyers have extensive experience working in both creative and corporate settings. This experience allows us to bridge the divide between these two worlds and provide our clients with effective legal advice that they can actually understand.


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Hypersonic is a collaborative studio blending art, design, engineering, technology, and architecture to create ground breaking sculptures, machines, and interactive experiences. Located in Brooklyn, NY.

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We Ascend is a brand experience agency specializing in visual storytelling, forward thinking, and experiential events.

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Vivid Story is film production company "who tell stories that matter". Located in Brooklyn, NY.

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Lulu Frost is a jewelry brand founded in New York City in 2004.

Martine Ali is a jewelry company located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY.

Bike Nerds is a full-service bicycle shop located in Miami, FL.

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